Better data = better results

A quality mailing list accounts for 40% of your campaign results. You won’t get a response if you send your exceptionally refined and professional message to the wrong people.

DMS can help you research customer data to create a more targeted and valuable campaign that increases customer satisfaction, identifies new customers, reduces your marketing costs and increases your revenue. Our team can also help expand on the behaviours and preferences of your existing customers by segmenting your data. This process will also help us to discover new opportunities and generate more potential customers for you.

We spread our focus across multiple markets including all vertical markets. We’re a leader in managing files for some of the largest markets in the US and Canada:
  • B2B Publishing Subscription Files
  • Catalogs Subscription Files
  • Consumer Good Buyers
  • Consumer Magazine Subscription Files
  • E-commerce Professionals
  • Financial Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Internet Site Registrations
  • Technology Databases
  • And more!

Even if you have no list or customer database, DMS can help you begin from scratch and set-up a data collection system to acquire lists for testing. We’ll help manage your data to create a goldmine for business growth and targeted marketing efforts.