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1) I used your direct mail Instant Quote tool and it’s amazing, but are those the only products you sell?

a. Thanks for the kind words; I made it myself. No, we sell a very wide variety of mailers. If you want something and you can’t find it on our instant quote tool, just send us an email and we will provide a custom quote. 

2) Do you also provide EDDM mailings?

a. Yes, in many cases we prepare everything for you, and you drop the campaigns at your convenience.  It also saves you money.  contact us to discuss the specifics of your campaign. 

3) Does the mailing list have a cost impact on the postage?

a) Yes, there is approximately a 40% difference in postage between a saturation list and a targeted list.  Have a look at our video to learn more.  

4) What factors impact postage cost?

a) Postage is impacted by several factors, including the type of list used (saturation vs. targeted), the concentration of mail pieces in a specific zip code, and where the mailer is entered into the mail stream.  Have a look at our video to learn more.   

5) Do you also provide design services?

a) We are a full-service marketing firm, so we can provide all elements necessary to carry out a successful campaign, including all your graphic design needs.
6) Do you provide tracking for the mail campaigns? 

a) All mailings will include USPS proof of delivery tracking at no extra charge. This service creates peace of mind that your mailing was produced and mailed in its entirety, unlike in the past when you had to pray that you were dealing with an honest mail house that actually printed and mailed all of your mailers. Now, you can see just how many we send through the mail stream and when they get delivered. This link is generated by USPS, so you can rest assured that your customer received your mailer.

1) What is Full-Stack Web Development?

a. Web developers typically focus on either front-end or back-end web development. Full-stack development is when a web developer is an expert in both. Front-end developers focus on HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript in order to make an appealing and impactful website. Back-end developers use scripting languages like Python, Ruby or PHP to write the code that receives a user’s inputted information and stores it in a database (for example).

2) I’m about to have a website built, when should I incorporate SEO?

a. SEO is focused on three areas: Off-Site SEO, On-Site SEO and Technical SEO. Even though you can return to any website at any time and implement these SEO practices, it is always best to start out on the right foot and have a strategy for the SEO when you are in the early stages of web development. You should have the site built with SEO as part of your plan from the very beginning.

3) What is Black Hat SEO?

a. The short answer is that it is never worth the risk. Search engines will penalize anyone using Black Hat SEO techniques, so it is best to do it the right way the first time, and not have to worry about the next time Google changes their algorithm. Google is just trying to ensure that the user has a good experience when visiting a page found through a Google search. They don’t like when someone games the system to get to the top of a page, because ultimately the user suffers. DMS always focuses on On-Site, Off-Site and Technical SEO practices that will raise a page rank the right way – everybody wins; and no one loses sleep.

4) Does SEO provide a quick fix for page rank issues?

a. We view SEO like a horse race where eventually one reaches the finish line, but just as they start to cross, the judges move that finish line a little further down the track. Victories are often short lived and constantly require an adjustment or some fine-tuning to keep the momentum going in the right direction.

5) It sounds like SEO is a never-ending money pit?

a. Our philosophy on SEO is that we get you started on the right foot with a fully optimized website, and we teach you to monitor and fine-tune the necessary weekly activities so that page ranking continues to progress upward to a top position in search rankings. If you can take over those weekly duties, then it cuts your SEO cost dramatically. For companies that don’t have the time for that, we can do it for you.   

Is Digital Marketing a good investment?

a) It all depends on your campaign objective, your product or service, your timeline and your budget.  In some cases digital marketing is the absolute best option, in other cases, digital marketing isn't the best option.  It is our belief that email campaigns are always a bad idea.  No one will open an uninvited email, and we are not proponents of deceiving people in order to get them to open your email.  Digital marketing is not email marketing in our universe.

1) Are there fulfillment items that you will not send for customer?

a) Yes, we won't ship or store batteries, perishable items or perfumes.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help sort it out.  

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