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Can Post Cards Work in Your Marketing Mix?
Lessons Learned from the Earl of Sandwich

October 20, 2021: I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I’ve heard that when the Earl of Sandwich (you know, the guy who invented the sandwich) made the first attempt at his namesake, it was a slice of bread, topped by another slice of bread, topped by a slice of ham. It was a dismal failure! But did he give up and throw in the towel? No, he stuck with it through years and years of trying different combinations until he found the perfect order - a slice of bread, topped by a slice of ham, topped by a slice of bread. Who knew?

You’re probably wondering why I would relate this incredibly motivating story about the invention of the sandwich. Well, it’s because it fits nicely into what I want to discuss today: using Post Cards for your next Direct Mail Campaign. At this point you either see the obvious connection or you’re thinking that this poor guy’s history teachers failed him miserably. That’s a fair point, but let me finish.

Post cards are the most efficient and effective form of Direct Mail when compared to letters. Letters require an envelope, a letter insert and the labor necessary to insert, seal and address the envelope. Letters also require the recipient to open the letter and read the contents – and getting them to do that is no small feat! Today, people have very short attention spans. They certainly won’t risk getting a papercut to open an envelope if they think it contains marketing mail. (Notice I didn’t say “junk mail.” That’s a story for another day.)

Post cards don’t need to be opened; they just need to grab the recipients’ attention long enough to get them to read the main message. That’s why they’re effective. Did I also mention that post cards are cheaper to produce because there’s no need for envelopes or for labor to insert, seal and address the envelopes? That’s why they’re efficient.

Is a post card the answer to every direct mail idea? No, there are many times when a letter is absolutely the best way to proceed. The same can be said of booklets or brochures. That’s why you should never settle on the tactic before thinking through the strategy. We can help you with that. Picking the wrong direct mail tactic for your next campaign is like making a sandwich with two slices of bread topped by a slice of ham. It probably tastes good, but there’s definitely a better way to do it.

So, if you’d like to get an instant – contactless – quote (which means we won’t contact you or even ask for your contact information), just click GET AN INSTANT DIRECT MAIL QUOTE and pick the direct mailer you think you might want to send. You will get an instant answer, and no one will try to contact you.

If you decide you’re interested in getting together to discuss some campaign ideas, we’d love to meet with you. Direct Mail Specialists has been in business since 1991 and has spent 30 years assisting businesses with strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Take a cue from the Earl of Sandwich. Why spend years of trial and error searching for a combination that works? Direct Mail Specialists has the experience to guide you – whether it’s harnessing the power and efficiency of a post card mail campaign or proposing another option from our suite of services. Contact us at 407-348-7400 and we’ll be glad to set up a meeting to discuss what will work for you.

Direct Mail Specialists is the direct mail marketing branch of Mailquotes.com, LLC.  We provide direct mail marketing services throughout the US, Canada & Puerto Rico. Call Us at 407-348-7400

Direct Mail: As Dead as the Ancient Egyptian Mummies?

September 22, 2021:  A few months ago I saw that the Egyptian government was moving all its ancient mummies (from wherever one stores mummies) into a new “space-age” museum where they would be better preserved and protected. They paraded the mummies through the streets enroute to their new high-tech home – along with a vast collection of jewels and artifacts. It was all very interesting to watch.

But what caught my attention was when one of the network correspondents commented on one of the artifacts, describing an Egyptian drawing of a bird as “remarkable.” “Really?” I thought. “Aren’t these the same people who built pyramids 3000 years ago? Why is it ‘remarkable’ that they were able to draw a goose that looks like a goose?”  I would be more surprised if they couldn't.  I guess the word “remarkable” threw me. I think that term is overused. But I’m about to use the term myself to describe the effectiveness of a marketing tactic that you may think is just as “dead” as the Egyptian mummies! I’m talking about Direct Mail.

Direct Mail is alive and kicking (even in our social media-oriented world), and our company, Direct Mail Specialists, has the clients that can attest to its “remarkable” effectiveness. But direct mail is not the solution to every marketing problem. There’s no “one size fits all” cookie cutter approach to spending money on marketing. Once your company has gone through the exercise of finalizing objectives and developing marketing strategies in support of those objectives; you’ll be searching for tools to implement those strategies. Direct Mail might be one of those tools.  

If you think about it, today everything defaults to a screen (smartphone, tablet, desktop, TV, etc.), so if your marketing message is a better fit for a non-screen tactic, direct mail is an excellent choice.  People do take a break from looking at their screens to read the mail; even if that sounds crazy.  We find tremendous success occurring with nationwide and local retailers, restaurants, dry cleaners, real estate, spas, non-profit organizations, etc. If your tactic needs to reach a certain, hard to reach, target with a time-sensitive message or offer, then consider direct mail.     

Here at Direct Mail Specialists, we won’t try to talk you into using Direct Mail if we feel it isn't the most effective and cost-efficient way to deliver on your marketing strategy. We’ve been in business since 1991 - celebrating our 30th year, and we’re adept at tailoring our services to fill the needs of your firm. Direct Mail is just one arrow in a marketing quiver – or one good brick to help build your pyramid.  Direct Mail isn’t dead. Used effectively, it can achieve “remarkable” results – even in this day and age. 

Direct Mail Specialists is the direct mail marketing branch of Mailquotes.com, LLC.  We provide direct mail marketing services throughout the US, Canada & Puerto Rico. Call Us at 407-348-7400

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